Monday, December 5, 2011

Email Marketing, What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the advertisement of a product through electronic mail. Email marketing can be used to improve quality of the relation between a business and its readers or to gain new customers. In order to gain the email addresses of potential subscribers,organizations must either pay a fee to an email broker, use a subscription service, or rely on referrals from existing customers.
Many companies, of course, use a combination of these methods.

Email marketing is very popular because it can be much cheaper than traditional mail marketing. After all, email does not incur printing or postage fees. However, email marketing is not strictly fee. Email marketing may actually cost you money. If the firm contracts someone to design, write copy for, or oversee the emailing in any way, or has a full-time staff member for this type of work, the salary or fee of this must be taken into account. Furthermore, there will be a fee if the email addresses are purchased through an email specialist.

One of the special things about email marketing is that it can reach people online where traditional print media cannot. Keep in mind that an email marking campaign should include a number of successive emails that build upon one another One of the most prevalent forms of a building email marking campaign is one that pin points a specific upcoming date such as Anzac Day.

If, for example, a clothes storeis planning a large Valentines Day sale, they might send out an email to their email list a few weeks in advance announcing the sale. Additional emails the week before and days before the sale might also be sent as reminders to follow up on the first email. Some organizations even include special promotion codes and coupons in their emails.

One of the negatives to email marketing is something called spam. Spam is the email marketing form of carpet bombing. In fact, most email providers include spam filters that stop such emails from the general inboxes of their customers.

If you are brain storming an email marketing campaign, make sure that your strategies are in keeping with spam laws. Additionally, if the administrator of your Internet hosting believes that you might be sending spam, your emailing service might be temporarily shut down. has a great collection of email marketing tips and strategies. Check them out!